¨Smart Girl¨ song by Nikol Kollars and Toni ¨Chupi¨ Saigi for Samsung Galaxy Campaign

Facebook: Nikol Kollars: Music / Música

NIKOL KOLLARS & FREDY WORT ¨LADY MADONNA¨ from Nikol Kollars on Vimeo.

¨Where You Are¨ from Nikol Kollars on Vimeo.

Nikol Kollars - VISIT UP Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona from Temporada VISIT UP on Vimeo.

08001 ¨No Pain No Gain¨

¨Fly me to the Moon¨ Output featuring Nikol Kollars

¨Distant Star¨ Vincenzo & Frederico featuring Nikol Kollars

Mix of Nikol loops

Nuevo single del grupo electronico ¨Sassafras¨ (Nikol-voz)
New release from electronic sensation ¨Sassafras¨ (Nikol-vox)

Nikol cantando en TVE ¨Para todos la 2¨

Nikol and Mati of 08001 singing Protection (Massive Attack) version spanish / english


Full Album
ethereal electronic soul
Full Album
Electronic soul.jazz.pop
Output featuring Nikol Kollars
¨Temptation¨ Nikol Kollars & Nat Clavier
08001 Raval Ta Joie
Wallpaper Mach 1.5
¨All Right for Now¨ (3 x Infinity Mix) Strangevoices
Guitarra Chill Out dos
Track: Try to Remember (G.Newman/N.Kollars)
La Crem: Icaria
Track: Give Love
Tribute to the Kinks;Give the people what they want
Track: I go to sleep
Sweet Mother: Free Activation Series Vol.1
Track 1 ¨Wonderland¨ 3 X Infinity
Cream of the Drop
Track: All Angles
Ministry of Sound / The Annual 2006
Track: Release (G.Newman/N.Kollars)
08001 ¨Voragine¨
Track #8 Musik & Life
Distant Star
Vincenzo & Nikol Kollars
Word Sound Power
vinyl ¨overstandings¨ Jasiri Media Group
Lo mejor del chillout
Track 11 ¨And I love her¨ Newman & Kollars
Track 17 ¨Fly me to the moon¨ Output featuring Nikol Kollars
Gabi Newman featuring Nikol Kollars
¨Try to Remember¨
Leon Dramaz
2 tracks as duo Shakamana ¨Akua¨ & ¨Back in da dayz¨
City: Music Cocktail Vol. 3
¨Stompin at the Savoy¨ Output featuring Nikol Kollars
Compliation ¨A Forest¨ 08001
Track 9 ¨Aunke¨ Tinguaro featuring Nikol Kollars
b & n
¨Rhythm inside¨ Output featuring Nikol Kollars
100% Black Vol. 12
Track 16 ¨Sweet Intoxication¨ Output featuring Nikol Kollars
Nikol, Adela, Toni ¨Chupi¨ Saigi, Dani Espinet
Full Album
¨Something about you¨